Puavai – wife, mum, grandmother

I am forever grateful for Lana and her sound knowledge in health & fitness, that has helped me in the last few months. I see a healthier looking me in the mirror. I have more energy, I’m calm and enjoying life and losing weight without spending too much time in the gym.

Josie – childcare centre manager, mummy, wife and lover of shoes

Since starting my health and fitness journey, people say I’m looking fitter and a good role model for my workplace. The biggest obstacle I faced in my journey to become healthy was making health and fitness a priority for ME. Realising that I can be a better ME by putting aside some ME time, which included exercise. Lana has helped me understand that it is something that I can fit into my schedule, and be something that I enjoy. I have more energy and have made changes in my eating habits and water intake. My sessions are a highlight in my week!

Lisa – amazing travel consultant

Lana is so motivating and encouraging,  she makes working out fun as she cares about you and your goals. If you haven’t been and worked out with Lana you must, it’s a life changing experience!

Hayley – super mummy

Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to Lana who has helped me immensely throughout the past years. Recently I came to the realization that my eating habits (and those of my kids) just weren’t right. With our busy family schedule I lost the motivation and time to cook decent meals for my family. I gave in to takeaway options, or I would ensure my children were fed, but didn’t bother about myself. My weight loss goals were completely compromised with this lifestyle. 

Having lost all motivation, I needed assistance with a menu that included quick and easy meals, a list of the ingredients and the instructions on how to cook it.  I approached Lana and asked if she would create a weekly meal plan for our family.  Lana sat down with me and went through everything. She even took me to the supermarket to make suggestions. She then put together 2 x weekly plans for us – with ingredients, instructions, and a weekly shopping list. I’m pleased to say that my kids are now over the moon! “Wow Mum, this is yummy!” With Lana’s help I now plan my shopping weekly in advance, I know what I’m making for dinner each night, we don’t have the extra takeaway food bills, we are eating our greens, and my kids now believe that I can actually cook. Thank you so much Lana for all your help on what you have done for myself and my kids! At the time I thought it was a silly request of mine to ask for help on planning a meal but Lana never blinked an eyelid, she never hesitated with providing assistance.

As a family we are now saving money, I am more prepared, my family are being fed the appropriate meals and we are happy! Lana / VIE Transformation – you ROCK! You have supplied me with all the tools that I require to achieve my goals. Sometimes we just need a tiny bit of help with everyday activities/jobs and you came through for me – you went outside the square and helped me bring back that motivation/confidence that I had lost. THANKS HEAPS!!

Louise – wife, working super mum of 3

Fitness for LIFE, that is what Lana from Vie Transformation stands and lives by.  What I love about training with Lana is that it isn’t just about having a fit body but includes having a fit mind.  Lana brings an holistic approach to training that I haven’t experienced with any other trainer.  The knowledge that Lana brings is evident in the quick results that are achieved with her training systems.  Whether it is through her One-Minute Wonders or a full work out session.  Training with Lana, Training at Vie is a must.

Tumema – partner, super aunty, accounts manager

Within a few weeks I have noticed not only weight loss, but a shift in mindset and a boost of confidence! Living in different countries I did not think a personal trainer relationship would last. Lana, however crushed that. She is a professional. Committed to achieving YOUR goals. She listens, articulates and within agreement works a plan that suits you. I’ve learnt more in the last couple of weeks with Lana than I have in my numerous years of being a gym junkie.

Ani – partner, business owner, super mum

If you’re reading this, you are probably sitting on the fence trying to decide if you should commit to yet another Weightloss Programme with another personal trainer who has another plan, diet or session planned for you since the previous 15 didn’t work so well. Prior to meeting Lana I would be seen smiling for the camera but crying inside. I was diagnosed with asthma at 7-years old. Doctors routinely put me on prednisone (steroids) to keep my asthma under control but a lovely side effect is massive weight gain. I jumped from a healthy 30kgs to a super-obese 149kgs with more medical problems than a hypochondriac. I was the jolly fat friend that made others feel good. I had paid for gym memberships and personal trainers but after the novelty wore off (usually once they told me I had to do something out of my comfort zone) I lost the motivation to continue.

Lana breezes into my life just as I was told that I qualify for the free gastric sleeve surgery provided I met their conditions. Firstly, I had 7-weeks to lose 10kgs. Lana sat down with me and we talked – just talked, trying to understand my goals in life and my motivations for wanting this surgery (what would it mean for me, real talk no bs stuff). I was waiting for the “stop eating this, start walking 5kms, let’s weigh you now” but nothing like that. Lana made me feel powerful and always had positive things to say or text – it was like she knew I was feeling down and ready to send an excuse about flagging the workout and (spookily) she would send me a motivational text reminding me about the goals we had put in place.

I had the surgery, and 5-months on I’m still a loyal Lana follower and still losing weight (currently at 105 kgs). I no longer feel guilty if I have a piece of chocolate and I enjoy the one-on-one time that Lana and I have, where I can be myself and feel fantastic.

So, if after my story, you feel that you can relate just a little bit, get off the fence, talk to Lana and expect a long-term transformation.

Louise – counsellor extraordinaire

When I agreed to sign up for a personal trainer I had no idea what to expect. I was more than pleasantly surprised by my experience with Lana and Vie Transformation. Lana is so much more than a personal trainer. Lana listens, cares and helps you to overcome mind blocks in the way to your own success. I was overwhelmed by the personal care you receive from Lana. I am now fitter and stronger than ever and making fitness goals beyond my wildest dreams. For example I’m training for a 10km run which is an achievement in itself.

I’ll admit I was a couch potato and now I want to keep challenging myself to with new fitness and health goals. Lana continues to motivate me and challenge me when I’m self sabotaging. She encourages you to be the best version of you and makes the impossible feel possible. Lana encourages you to stay on track, even when you doubt yourself. If you are looking for someone who goes the extra mile and who understands your journey then look no further than Lana at Vie Transformation.

Dinah – wife, super mum of 4, high school teacher extraordinaire

3 x One-Minute Wonders start off hard, but when it becomes a routine, you start to feel your body nudging you to move. Lana started me on 3 x One-Minute star jumps. That was hard because my pelvic floor muscles were so weak! Ladies, you know what I’m talking about! But in a very short space of time it’s fine. Once I had mastered a routine, Lana changed it up by getting me to do 3 x One-Minute of star jumps, lunges and half press ups. Now I simply count 20 star jumps, 20 lunges, 20 half press ups. I have set a new goal to do 4 x One-Minute Wonders. 

Routine is the key and the best thing is that I can fit it into my full on teaching day at school. Some days during a class I get the students to complete a One-Minute Wonder! It’s amazing how many young people can’t do One-Minute of star jumps … now it’s become a challenge for the kids to beat this 54 year old teacher!

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