Weight Loss for Life

As the only Registered Nurse and Fitness Professional in South Auckland, I combine the art and science of nursing along with fitness coaching to provide simple, effective, time efficient and safe personalised plans to achieve transformation whatever that might be for you, in a fun and enjoyable way –

  • lose that tummy bulge
  • fit into your favourite dress
  • look better in togs in the summer
  • have more energy
  • like what you see in the mirror
  • keep up with your children or grandchildren

At Vie Transformation, our goal is helping people achieve theirs.

Don’t just wish for it – together we’ll help you achieve it

At Vie, we’re committed to seeing our clients become the fittest, strongest, healthiest and most confident version of themselves. Vie is French for Life and I want vitality for my clients through my health and fitness service – focusing on healthy, sustainable weight loss and specialising in weight loss for those with medical challenges and pending surgery.

What support do you need going into your operation? As a Registered Nurse and Fitness Professional, I provide personalised plans to get you into the best shape possible going into your surgery to ensure maximum and long-lasting benefits.

End the frustration and confusion about fitness and eating

Transform your body – transform your life

Live LIFE to the Full

Turn Your Wish into an Achievement

What We Do

One-on-One Toning

Group Classes – Total Body Energizers

Mobile – We Come to Your Happy Place

Fit For Surgery

Lemon, Lime And Lollies

Supermarket Tour


Lana is so motivating and encouraging,  she makes working out fun as she cares about you and your goals. If you haven’t been and worked out with Lana you must, it’s a life changing experience!


Within a few weeks I have noticed not only weight loss, but a shift in mindset and a boost of confidence! Living in different countries I did not think a personal trainer relationship would last. Lana, however crushed that. She is a professional. Committed to achieving YOUR goals. She listens, articulates & within agreement works a plan that suits you. I’ve learnt more in the last couple of weeks with Lana than I have in my numerous years of being a gym junkie.


Since starting my health and fitness journey, people say I’m looking fitter and a good role model for my workplace. The biggest obstacle I faced in my journey to become healthy was making health and fitness a priority for ME. Realising that I can be a better ME by putting aside some ME time, which included exercise. Lana has helped me understand that it is something that I can fit into my schedule, and be something that I enjoy. I have more energy and have made changes in my eating habits and water intake. My sessions are a highlight in my week!

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