My Story

Are you wanting a Body Transformation – for LIFE?

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! So how did Vie Transformation evolve?

Just imagine – a team of nurses, doing a public health chat and then being questioned publicly like this:

“Who are you to come and talk to us about health when you’re fat and over weight?”

Back in the 90s I was in a group of professional nurses collaboratively doing voluntary community health presentations (back then I was Lana Anae Ostler). My colleague commenced the presentation only to be interrupted by a participant who asked THAT question. Capow! Just like that the health presentation was over! We retreated, regrouped with a new initiative – a fitness class which I was delegated the task of running – me Lana Walker – the founder of Vie Transformation.

The passion for health and fitness has always been with me. I have nursed in various roles, including, paediatrics, orthopaedics emergency and public health – which included teaching health and running youth health clinics. I then took a different path, having an amazing journey as a non-sworn project manager in the NZ Police.

As nurses, we are experts at knowing what a healthy lifestyle is, we go about our professional duty telling people about health. However, it became clearly evident that many of us struggle to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of ourselves! What’s more, having worked in schools, for the police and working alongside other professionals, I saw a similar pattern – many of us torn between juggling heavy workloads, managing relationships and family responsibilities, and squeezing in outside interests only to find ourselves stressed and our health compromised.

In my own sport and fitness pursuits, I have done lots of stupid time wasting and unsafe exercises. I have eaten copious amounts of unnecessary protein and other supplements – resulting in wasting lots of valuable dollars! I competed in figure body building and won each of my competitions – some might argue that because I won each of my competitions – all that stuff I ate and all the exercises must have worked! But what I know now could have saved money, saved time and kept me free from injury.

Vie Transformation was established November 2015 – primarily as a weight loss specialist service. I have recognised the need for a service that specialises in medical fitness. Using efficient, safe and effective systems to assist people with chronic disease or medical conditions to improve quality of life and ensure people achieve their desired health and fitness goals.

What else should you know about me?

Mother of one, I’m an ‘’old school’’ girl enjoying R&B and jazz music.  A good wine with Asian food has got to be my favorite meal together with great company and belly-aching laughter.

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